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Tuesday 19 March 2013, by eost

The objective of the French National Landslide Observatory OMIV is to provide long-term monitoring of three categories of landslide parameters:

  1. Kinematic observations (surface and in-depth displacements).
  2. Hydro-meteorological observations.
  3. Seismological observations.

Monitoring is essential to understand the mechanics of landslides, and predict their behavior in time and space. Scientists at the OMIV Observatory monitor selected landslides in order to learn more about the physical processes that trigger landslides or control their movement, develop original landslide investigation methods and hydro-mechanical models of slope deformation. For the survey, a multi-technique monitoring strategy is proposed.

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Multi-source strategy of investigation and monitoring of an active slope movement

The active landslides monitored by OMIV are the La Clapière and Séchilienne landslides developed in hard rocks, and the Mas d’Avignonet, Super-Sauze, La Valette and Villerville-Cricqueboeuf landslides developed in soft rocks.

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